Select Multiple Images From Gallery in Xamarin Forms

It is very common nowadays to select images from the photo gallery in a mobile app. Right now there is a plugin on Xamarin Forms called Media Plugin where you can select an image from gallery or camera. Unfortunately, if you want to select multiple images there aren’t a lot of open source options to do so.

Here I will guide you through an implementation I did to Select Multiple images from the photo gallery in Xamarin Forms, using a dependency service. In the case of iOS it was easier because right now there is a component to do it so, I just had to do an implementation to use it in Xamarin Forms.

Here is my code:

I started by creating an interface for the dependency service to open the gallery on a PCL Xamarin Forms project:

After we implement it on iOS and Android will be able to use it this way:

Android Implementation: 

Then in the Android project, I created a service to handle the photo gallery opening, also I’m using the Permission plugin for check and request permissions in Android > 6

Is important to remember adding the permissions in the Android Manifest:

The images selected are sent to the OnActivityResult method on the MainActivity, I also added an extra implementation for rotating the images, because depending on the orientation in which it was taken, will get it in that orientation, but I want to show them in portrait mode.

iOS Implementation:

We have to install this component

For sending the images to the Forms projects I’m using a Messenging Center.

Also in iOS we have to add the permission for Gallery.

More Info:

Xamarin Forms Implementation:

For show the images in XForms I’m using a package called FlowListView
And for caching the images and avoid memory issues:

An important detail is to clear the paths after using them, so we don’t have that local reference in our devices.

NOTE: This code is just compatible with Android > 4.3


You can download the full code here:

Happy Coding! 🙂

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    1. Not really, are you doing long press when selecting the images?
      Also, what device are you using?

      1. Hello Charlin,

        I also used your code but stil i can only select one image in android.
        my device is asus zenfone 5. Also i use genymotion google nexus 4 as emulator .

        1. This solution is just compatible for Android > 4.3, if you are using that version it will only leave you select one image