My experience at Xamarin Evolve 2016

 Last year I attended the Xamarin Evolve conference in Orlando, Florida with over 1,000 people from all over the world.   The event ran 4 days long, the first two days consisted of training, one of which was intensive  Xamarin training, and the next 2 days were for conferences.

 Overall my experience during the event was great, I meet a lot of developers there and learned some valuable information about Xamarin.

 The first evening of the event I had a really nice dinner, then met and interacted with people involved with the  Xamarin Team, one of these was James Montemagno.

The second day was full of knowledge. It began with the Opening by Nat Friedman and Miguel de Caza where they spoke about some Xamarin news and then attended different interesting talks around the event.

One of my favorite moments was a speech called “5 Soft Skills Every Software Developer Should Know“ by John Sommetz,  because we learned a lot about the personal skills we need to be successful.


 In conclusion, Xamarin Evolve 2016 was awesome, I met really nice people, learned a lot during the conference, had the opportunity to do the “Mini-hacks” and code with people from the Xamarin Team, learned about new technologies in the Stands sections,  etc. I really recommend that if you are interested in developing, and new technology, that you make an effort to attend the next Xamarin Evolve, not just for the knowledge, but also for the opportunity to network and socialize with great people. If you missed last year and you would like to see the talks you can go the evolve site and view all the recorded talks for yourself.

 Can’t wait for the next Xamarin Evolve!